GRID Technology

What are GRIDs?

• 256 cell-culture chambers
• 1.8 mm x 1.8 mm area per chamber
• < 1 ┬Ál working volume per chamber

Single-cell cloning in optically clear chambers and small volumes

GRIDs comprise the core of isoCell's automated single-cell cloning workflow. The chambers' small size and optical clarity allows in-chamber verification of single-cell clonality on standard brightfield microscopes directly after plating.

GRIDs on a 6 cm dish and isolated single cells in GRID chambers

How are GRIDs made?

Chamber Formation

isoCell's microjet technology carves individual chambers out of immiscible liquids

A thin film of cell media (or stem-cell coatings) is reshaped using a fluid microjet of FC40STAR to create an array of 256 chambers on a 6 cm dish. The approach exploits interfacial tension and chambers are separated, throughout the entire workflow, by FC40STAR - an immiscible fluorocarbon.

Dispensing Cells

Isolate up to 94 single cells in a single 6 cm dish

Your cells are automatically dispensed in nanoliter volumes into the individual GRID chambers. Single cells are clearly visible in the GRID chambers through a standard microscope (4x objective) due to the optical clarity and small chamber size. This enables easy verification of monoclonality immediately after dispensing.

GRID features

Features GRID-chambers Well-plate Flat-bottom dish
Physically separated cell environments
One-step surface coating
Single cells visible at edges
Single cells visible directly after plating
Low reagent consumption

Publications and Other Resources

Explore our publications which explain the technology in more detail.

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