Advancing cellular research

Paving new opportunities to advance cell biology

iotaSciences' technology is being developed with the aim of greatly supporting the daily work of fundamental and clinical cell researchers in exposing cells to relevant and translational experimental conditions and to facilitate breakthrough discoveries.

Harnessing the power of the microscale

...or how to give fluids a shape

iotaSciences' technology facilitates the rapid shaping of liquids on surfaces used to maintain and analyse cells, i.e. polystyrene and glass.
This powerful concept provides cell researchers with the means to conveniently expose cells to otherwise difficult to obtain static- as well as dynamically flowing microscale environments.

How does it work?

The technology utilizes physical principles that dominate at the microscale.
Whereas gravity is a dominant force at the macroscale, this becomes neglectable at the microscale. Instead, interfacial tension — a force that holds together surfaces of distinct phases (i.e. solid-liquid, liquid-liquid interfaces) — dominates here.
Consequently, small enough liquid patterns are stably hold in place on surfaces and can be overlaid with a second immisclible liquid that controls evaporation and thus allows working and handling small volumes.

Isolate and culture single cells with ease in GRIDs

A 60-mm round-bottom dish...

60-mm polystyrene dish

...turned into a sophisticated platform for isolating and culturing single cells

60-mm polystyrene dish with GRID


Have a look at our publications!

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