New Product Award SLAS 2018

iotaSciences wins 'New Product Award' at the International Conference of the 'Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening' 2018 for the isoCell

iotaSciences was awarded the New Product Award at SLAS2018 in recognition of their innovative and portable benchtop single-cell instrument.

The isoCell, which was showcased publicly for the first time at the event, utilizes iotaSciences’ proprietary fluid-shaping technology to create small-scale liquid chambers (microGRIDS) and deposits single cells into them. The system overcomes a main obstacle in assuring the monoclonality of cells by providing excellent optical clarity on any microscope, providing a very cost-effective solution in workflows requiring single cells.

The system will support a breadth of academic- as well as industrial applications, accelerating the research and discovery of next-generation therapeutics, including CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing, production of monoclonal antibodies and protein therapeutics, the establishment of novel cellular disease models and others.

The SLAS2018 meeting held in San Diego (US) represented the flagship annual conference of the society and was attended by a record-breaking 6,600 delegates – bringing together leading researchers and technologists, engineers and key opinion leaders covering diverse areas of technology and innovation. A total of 300+ companies exhibited their latest technologies and trends at this impactful event, 50 of which entered the competition for the SLAS2018 New Product Awards. The selection criteria for the awards were ‘innovation, market opportunity, proof-of-concept and originality’.

iotaSciences presenting the isoCell at SLAS2018 in San Diego, US; from left to right - Henry Walker (lead engineer), Edmond Walsh (interim Chief Executive Officer) and Alexander Feuerborn (Chief Scientific Officer). Credit Image: Tim Dawes
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