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isoCell — single cells made easy

Single-cell isolation and cloning — the establishment of viable and clonal cells derived from a single-cell — is a highly demanding and labour-intense process. It is however at the heart of many fields in cell-biology — e.g., cell-line engineering, CRISPR-Cas9 genome-editing, the analyses of cell-to-cell heterogeneity and many more.
In particular, the widespread adoption of genome-editing in conjunction with iPSCs is driving the demand for automation and miniaturization of single-cell isolation, feeding, and clone picking.
The isoCell offers a '3-in-1' benchtop solution that makes isolating and cloning single-cells easy by harnessing iotaSciences' unique fluid-shaping technology.

How it works

Create a GRID on a conventional 60-mm polystyrene dish rapidly
Automatic cell-dispensing into GRID
Identify single cells with ease on any microscope - assure clonality easily and conveniently
Grow single cells into clonal populations and retrieve selected samples

The isoCell

The isoCell is an award-winning '3-in-1' solution for single-cell isolation and cloning. The lightweight and portable benchtop instrument automates the dispensing of cells into GRIDs, automates feeding of selected cells and automates the retrieval of clonal cell populations - all on a round 60-mm polystyrene dish.

Key benefits and features

  • Automated cell-dispensing Cells are automatically dispensed into GRIDs and are immediately visible — no more waiting for cells to settle or spinning microtiter plates!
  • Excellent optics GRIDS provide excellent optics on any microscope which is particularly useful for workflows applying single cells - simply note down the coordinate of each chamber containing single-cells and conveniently store the information in the isoCell
  • Automated cell-feeding Feeding your (single-)cell cultures now becomes as easy as placing your dish onto the isoCell and pressing a button!
  • Automated cell-retrieval Happy with your clonal colonies? The isoCell retrieves them for you - simply select the ones you want to harvest and let the isoCell do the rest!


"For our line of research, we need to generate many different gene edited clonal (stem) cell lines. However, isolating and expanding single cells is a very long and labour intensive process that can take up significant resources. IotaSciences’ isoCell allows us to bypass these issues and facilitates the generation of clonal (stem) cell lines with minimal hands-on time while considerably reducing the amount of consumables. I am very impressed with the excellent optics of the system that requires nothing more than a standard microscope. In our hands, the isoCell is the ideal tool for ensuring clonality of cells."

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