Accelerate your single-cell cloning work with the isoCell

Single-cell cloning at the microscale

The isoCell introduces a completely new approach to single-cell cloning by harnessing the power and benefits of microscale fluid-shaping. The isoCell provides high-level automation where it matters, enforces a highly convenient and consistent workflow, and requires almost no training.
It has an incredible small footprint and little weight, making it very portable with almost no space requirement — ideal for any laminar flow hood.
As a multi-user instrument the isoCell stores data and handles several experiments from multiple users simultaneously with ease.
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isoCell - single-cell cloning made easy!

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isoCell — automate your single-cell cloning workflow

Create a GRID on 60-mm round-bottom dishes, comprising 256 individual chambers (equiv. to 2½ 96-well plates)

60-mm polystyrene dish

Automated dispensing of cells into GRID chambers (visualised here by dyed cell-culture medium)

60-mm polystyrene dish with GRID

Automated feeding of GRID chambers that contain single cells (specified by user via convenient GRID coordinates)

60-mm polystyrene dish with GRID and extra cell culture medium

Automated retrieval of colonies for downstream workflows

60-mm polystyrene dish with GRID and cell culture medium removed

Sideview of a GRID; three chambers were selectively filled with varying amounts of dyed cell-culture medium (orange)

Sideview of a GRID

Phase-contrast image of six chambers of a GRID. Image was taken after filling the chambers with cell-culture medium

Phase-contrast microscope image of GRID

  • Unparalleled optical clarity

  • Massive savings of reagents

  • Compatible with stem-cell coatings


How many chambers comprise a GRID?


What is the surface area of a GRID-chamber in mm2?

800 nl

How much volume is used for single-cell cloning per chamber?

100 x

How much do I save on consumables when using GRIDs?

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