— benchtop power for single-cell work

Create GRIDs, dispense cells and retrieve selected samples with ease with the isoCell
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size (cm) - 17 (w) x 21 (d) x 23 (h)

weight (kg) - 2

power supply, voltage (V) - 12

power supply, max current (A) - 3


Single-cell cloning

CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing

Cell-line development

16 x 16 GRID

no. of chambers - 256

growth area / chamber (cm2) - 0.036

working vol. / chamber (µl) - 0.1 - 1

Dyes were added to the GRID with the isoCell to aid visualisation of the 256 chambers
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From single cells to clonal populations

Affordable — Automated — Assured clonality

Create a GRID on a conventional 60-mm polystyrene dish rapidly
Automatic cell-dispensing into GRID
Identify single cells with ease on any microscope - assure clonality easily and conveniently
Grow single cells into clonal populations and retrieve selected samples


"For our line of research, we need to generate many different gene edited clonal (stem) cell lines. However, isolating and expanding single cells is a very long and labour intensive process that can take up significant resources. IotaSciences’ isoCell allows us to bypass these issues and facilitates the generation of clonal (stem) cell lines with minimal hands-on time while considerably reducing the amount of consumables. I am very impressed with the excellent optics of the system that requires nothing more than a standard microscope. In our hands, the isoCell is the ideal tool for ensuring clonality of cells."

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