Single-cell cloning with isoCell

The one size fits all solution that empowers you to verify monoclonality

Assurance of monoclonality

3-in-1 automation

Compact system


The one size fits all solution for single-cell cloning

Easily verifiable monoclonality

Easy verification of monoclonality using your standard laboratory microscope

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Complete workflow automation

One device to conduct the complete cloning workflow

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Gentle on cells

Low pressure and low shear, combined with optional heating, ensures high cell viability

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Compact system

Small footprint and lightweight, the isoCell easily fits inside your cell culture hood with room to spare

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Easy to use

Navigate the isoCell cloning workflow with an easy to use touch screen

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Reagent and coating compatibility

Compatible with commonly used reagents and stem cell coatings

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Complete cloning workflow automation

Isolate, feed and harvest your colonies on one platform and get consistent results with every experiment.
isoCell manages the full cloning workflow: isolating single-cells, feeding at any interval you choose and then harvesting your culture for downstream analysis.

3-in-1 Automation



94 single cells in a dish*


your cells in <1 µl volumes


colonies of your choice

*Out of 256, limited by Poisson Distribution


Easily verify monoclonality

GRIDs - optically clear chambers

Single cells are plated with isoCell into GRID chambers.
GRID chambers do not suffer optical edge effects associated with conventional culture plasticware. Single cells are visible directly after plating anywhere in the chamber.

Easy to use

The isoCell's intuitive touch screen interface guides users step-by-step through it's automated cloning workflow. It is equally accesible to everyone in your lab - from novices to specialists.


Compact system

Powerful automation with a small footprint

The most portable device on the market: fit isoCell into any cell culture hood without obstructing ongoing regular cell culture work.

Reagents and Coatings

Reagent and coating compatibility

The system is compatible with a wide range of reagents and coatings used in cell culture. Protocols are available upon request.

Gentle on cells

Low pressure and low shear, combined with an optional heated bed, ensures high cell viability.


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