iotaSciences Cloning Platform

Assurance of monoclonality

Powerful automation

Compact footprint

Powerful automation for your complete cloning workflow

Heterogenous Bulk Culture
Dish Preparation
Cell Plating
Single-Cell Verification
Feeding Clones
Tracking Clones
Harvesting Clonal Cultures
Downstream Analysis

iotaSciences' Cloning Platform

Reproducible and consistent results

Streamlined and accessible automation in a scalable platform

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Minimal training requirements

Navigate the cloning workflow with an easy to use touchscreen.

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Easily verifiable monoclonality & clone tracking

Image entire cell chambers with

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Gentle on cells

Low pressure and low shear, combined with optional heating, ensures high cell viability

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to isolate, feed and harvest your cells

Automatically isolate, feed and harvest your cells for consistent results in every experiment.
The isoCell manages all tedious pipetting steps for you: isolating single-cells, feeding at any interval you choose and then harvesting your culture for downstream analysis. Automated wireless data-transfer between isoCell and isoHub guarantees a seamless and efficient workflow.

Automate pipetting needs



94 single cells in a dish*


your cells in <1 µl volumes


colonies of your choice



to verify monoclonality and track clones

After single cells are plated into GRID chambers cells are imaged using isoHub. Entire GRID chambers are imaged in the absence of optical edge effects typically associated with conventional culture plasticware, allowing absolute confidence in monoclonality.
The isoHub further automates navigation through GRIDs and tracking of clones, either using brightfield or fluorescent mode.

Compact system

The most compact system on the market: isoCell fits into any cell culture hood without obstructing ongoing cell culture work.

Gentle on cells

Cells are cultured in microlitre volumes, utilizing low pressure and low shear fluid handling steps and a heated bed come together to produce exceptional cell viability.

Seamless operation

Wireless data-transfer between isoCell and isoHub guarantees a streamlined, automated and efficient cloning workflow.

Reagent and coating compatibility

The system is compatible with a wide range of reagents and coatings used in cell culture. Enquire about your reagents